25.11. - 27.11.2020
Nova Gorica

Infosek 18 years

We are celebrating the 18th anniversary in 2020.


The biggest cyber security conference in Slovenia

The largest event in Slovenia in the field of information security offers participants the opportunity to learn from the best information security experts from Slovenia and abroad.

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Worldwide authority on computer security

Everyone and everything you need to know about information security

3 conferences and workshops at the same place

We strive to make our program as diverse as possible that each of you can find information you are looking for.

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Why should I attend?

At INFOSEK Conference you will meet world-leading IT and information security experts.
You will have the unique opportunity to participate in their session and meet them for an exciting conversation.
You can experience over 100 lectures and choose among 3 practical workshops.
Learn about the latest challenges and solutions in the field of information security.
INFOSEK Conference offers you brand new knowledge and experience that you can apply during your next day at work.



Don't miss the key lectures

Arms race

The world of computer security keeps changing. To understand and to fight the attacks, we need to understand what’s happening. Mikko Hyppönen will look at the latest big hacking cases and reveal what really went on. What are the...

Mikko Hyppönen | F-SECURE

Breakfast with Pete Finnigan - Challenges In Securing Oracle & Review The Security Of An Oracle Database

Challenges In Securing Oracle
Securing an Oracle database can be a complex task. The process often focuses on hardening and patching but we must consider the security of the data itself as well. We as customers of Oracle...

Pete Finnigan | Pete Finnigan Ltd.

Importance of Unified View for All: IT, Security and Compliance

Unifying IT, Security and Compliance data in a single-pane-of-glass-view with 2-second visibility across on-premises, endpoints, cloud(s), containers, web apps, API, mobile and OT/IoT environments it is fundamental need of any business...

Emir Arslanagić | QUALYS

Hiding in plain sight - how sophisticated attackers steal and exfiltrate your data

IS d.o.o. In this presentation, Bojan Ždrnja, CTO and penetration testing team leader in INFIGO IS, will analyze and demonstrate some advanced techniques on how data can be exfiltrated even from the most secure environments. By abusing some...

Bojan Ždrnja | INFIGO IS d.o.o.

How to optimize Identity Protection of your current IT infrastructure?

The Cybersecurity level of a Company is defined by the weakest link - which is usally The User. This is why the user identity protection is the foundation of the Cybersecurity strategy for every organization. Softline's experts can assess and...

Zsolt Pótor | SOFTLINE

How we can protect our privacy? Information Governance and Data Protection solutions - Comply with confidence

Presentation will discover set of solutions that are focused on specific privacy protection use cases to enable compliance. Micro Focus security and information management & governance software is underpinned by rich analytics to help you...

Robert Lejnert | MICRO FOCUS

Keynote speakers at the conference

Mikko Hyppönen


Pete Finnigan

Pete Finnigan Ltd.

Emir Arslanagić


Bojan Ždrnja

INFIGO IS d.o.o.

Zsolt Pótor


Robert Lejnert


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The price applies to INFOSEK, GDPR (ZVOP-2) and CIO FORUM. The prices for NLP conference and workshops are fixed.

3 conference days

The price applies to INFOSEK, GDPR (ZVOP-2) and CIO FORUM. The prices for NLP conference and workshops are fixed.

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